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The Origins

by Ulvånd

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Stéphane Gallay
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Stéphane Gallay L’ensemble a un côté « premier album » un peu trop marqué, ce qui m’étonne au vu du pedigree des musiciens. Il y a des passages sympas, mais j’ai l’impression qu’il manque à Ulvånd une homogénéité, un son propre.

(Chroniqué sur alias.erdorin.org) Favorite track: Chrysalis.
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Human zoo 05:52
I’ve been locked up in here for so long I see the sky but it is grey and cloudy The air is unbreathable I’m so far from home Yet I remember so well The vast ice fields Immaculate ice, the pure cold that would bite us There we loved Nature She was our mother Here, so far from home Locked up for so long I know I will never go home I dreamed of new knowledge White men look at me as if I was an animal Through the fences In their eyes I see nothing but disdain Berlin, Frankfurt, Krefeld, Paris Their beliefs are no better than mine Yet they treat me as a subhuman As men of all kinds are locked up as we are Their looks are as sad as ours A strange disease is killing us Their wizards dressed in white Can do nothing for us There we loved Nature She was our mother Here, so far from home Locked up for so long Our children were the first to go Our ancestors will welcome them Their suffering has ended And we will soon join them
Chrysalis 03:37
Tearing of my soul was only a chrysalis My spirit emerged purified It flies above the blackness of my being Bathing it with a saving light Life before profit! We stand against obsolete spirits hich prevents the world from breathing There is no more time for hate Only for mutual respect Tolerance against barbarism! We cannot go back in time Or change our dramatic past Let’s evolve our minds and spirits Everyone must build his own chrysalis But in this sad and sorry world of sheep I’m the wolf more than ever The predator of hatred and fear The renewal of another life Let us pursue the quest for love and truth Crushing our discernment The ignorant destroy their past Depriving their people of their future The hard blows of knowledge The indestructible walls of wisdom Nourished by Respect and Education So we will be invincible We cannot go back in time Or change our dramatic past Let’s evolve our minds and spirits Everyone must build his own chrysalis
7 Virtues 05:27
I walk straight on my path Sure of my actions and my thoughts I will never touch knee to the ground I do what is right Courage is not the absence of fear But the fight against it Live when you must live Die when you must die With each victory against my demons I grow And if I disappear in darkness Like a dragon of light I will be reborn «Benevolence carries with it Anything that tries to hinder it As easily as water dominates fire» (Mencius) 7 virtues are my way I grow like a plant in the sun Art and knowledge quench my thirst 7 virtues are my guardians My thoughts are my words My words are my deeds My fight : the Honesty Be right : my victory If all rationality is lost I will stand up against a thousand enemies Even if fear seeks a passage My mind will close the way to my heart Honor as the bottom of my guts Gives me strength to move forward Peace of mind Anger and jealousy left my soul Respect of everything that lives Maintains me in symbiosis with the universe Side to side Our pack will resist chaos Resistant to lightning and storms Our light will erase the darkness 7 virtues are my way I grow like a plant in the sun Art and knowledge quench my thirst 7 virtues are my guardians
Valhalla 04:33
I no longer feel the pain I forgot the taste of blood Fire does not burn me anymore Cold of steel no longer bites me No more hate, no more love Wind whispers through the silence You see raven women coming down on you Like in a dream They bring us with them Carry us delicately My brothers and me Yet we are dead In front of the big palace The largest and most beautiful ever erected Its ceiling higher than a mountain Covered with golden shields Hundreds of doors around And above one of them A magic tower Father sees and knows everything He sits in his kingdom Lance in his hand Wolves at his feet Crows on his shoulder He loves and welcomes us Seated in the Great Hall We feast and we drink We put on our armor And on this verdant expanse We shall die and resuscitate eternally Waiting for the day You will deliver the ultimate fight With the Father Of All Things All the Einherjars in Odin’s meadow Every day defending themselves They designate the dead Then ride back from battle Together they sit Reconciled
Despair 05:20
I wander alone and in despair Memories haunt me And make my soul bleed You left me for so long That your face has faded I can’t bear it anymore I think of you every second Of my senseless life I’m broken from the inside The essence of my being has gone with you I’m an empty shell I walk amongst the graves I spend my time crying In front of this cold stone Your sweet face Half faded by a sun That does not warm me anymore My heart bleeds all the time Yet it is frozen Rain soaked my body Yet I did not react I haven’t seen the moon rise It’s dark Happiness disappeared It no longer had any reason to be I look forward To the day when I will join you In Hell or paradise, it doesn’t matter I want to be with you How can purity die ? I do not have the courage To reach you, and yet... I desire it so much I feel your presence, always And how your hand caresses my face In this room which was yours Nothing has moved Your perfume is floating in the air I still have to survive today And suffer a long day without you My child
Una vida 06:06
Bajo el peso de los escombros Busco desesperado los míos La pena del mundo sobre mis hombros Veo la vida quitar mis niños Under the weight of rubble Desperate, I’m looking for mine The sorrow of the world on my shoulders I see life giving up on my children In the ruined street I am wandering with a sorrowful soul Life destroyed by a phantom enemy Atravesando las nubes del cielo Baja la muerte Por querer vivir libres Nos abandona el mundo y su suerte En el ensordecedor silencio Un ruido, sangre cae de mi frente El suelo se derumba, tengo frio Mi vida se va de repente The world has abandoned us Forgetting us is killing us Sitting in your cozy chair Comfortably sitting in your chair You keep ignoring us Sitting in your cozy chair You still ignore us


Dark metal - Toulouse - France


released January 3, 2020


all rights reserved



Ulvand Toulouse, France

2018, L’esprit du loup renaît…
Suivant des chemins de vie et des parcours musicaux différents depuis 2000, les membres fondateurs de LEIDEN et d’IN LUPUS PACIS se retrouvent aujourd’hui dans une nouvelle aventure musicale.

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